An Insiders Look at Ceremony Details (Liberty Mountain Resort)

A wedding day is full of emotion.  FULL of it!  That is, I think, something that makes my job such a privilege.  I have the opportunity to ‘freeze’ these wedding moments so that they can be remembered and treasured.  So much has been building up to the moment when a bride walks down the aisle with her groom waiting for her.  Usually months and months of planning, of course.  But there’s so much more than that.  Years and years of growing up, learning about relationships, meeting the right person, and gathering your closest friends and family members to celebrate with you. 

Jenn and Tyler’s ceremony was this past weekend.  So many sweet moments.  Love is a powerful emotion and sometimes the best way we know to express it is in tears, nervous laughter and awed silence.  Like when Jenn saw Tyler at the end of the aisle and Tyler smiled back.  And the sweet look that Jenn’s father gave her right before giving her away!  Time to pray together.  Laughter when trying to get that ring on his finger.  Near the end, Jenn and Tyler chose to do a sand ceremony to symbolize their ‘oneness’ as husband and wife.   Grandparents laid the foundation the night before by being the first to add sand to a personalized shadowbox.  Tyler’s parents and then Jenn’s parents each poured sand in during the ceremony.  The bride and groom finished up by putting their colors (gray, blue and white) on top.  (side note: a sand ceremony is a really great idea for an outdoor wedding in lieu of a unity candle!  Sometimes the wind is just too much for candles to stay lit!)  This was a beautiful representation of what was actually happening during their ceremony as they said ‘I do’ and became one.

Scroll through and enjoy the range of emotion from this outdoor ceremony at Liberty Mountain Resort.  Congrats, Jenn & Tyler!



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