A Brandywine Creek and Blue Ball Barn Wedding

From flower girl fairies and flower crowns, to bagpipes and kilts, this June wedding was uniquely wonderful.  As with their engagement session, Diana and Josh were not afraid to make their wedding day reflect who they are as a couple – and I believe the day reflected them beautifully.  They exchanged their vows in the small amphitheatre at Brandywine Creek State Park in Wilmington.  This tree covered space was just right for a quiet, intimate, outdoor ceremony. (ok – the bagpipes weren’t quiet, but I don’t think anyone minded because that was just amazing)  A reception followed at the Blue Ball Barn (in Alapocas State Park).  It was a great space to enjoy a sweet toast from Diana’s brother, beautifully designed prayer cards (made by another family member), their first dance, and all that went along in celebrating with their family and friends.  Diana and Josh, it’s been such a pleasure, congratulations!


An American Helicopter Museum Wedding

Chris and Jillian’s wedding day was filled with smiles and laughter.  These two.  They are continuously making each other and those around them laugh.  It’s contagious.  Needless to say, Aaron and I had a pretty good time with them.  And as if our bride and groom aren’t already wonderful enough, I am also so impressed by their families.  They both come from homes with a strong faith in Christ, devotion to each other, and yeah – they all love to have fun.  The love Chris’ family has for Jill and Jill’s family has for Chris was really beautiful to see.  Highlights: Chris’ reaction when he first saw his bride, the couple traveling to their reception by plane, using that plane as a backdrop for photos, and that time they staged a cake wipeout.  Scroll through the photos for a small taste of their day!





A Valley Garden Park Engagement Session

I had a blast with Diana and Josh this weekend. We braved the 4th or 5th day of rain in a row (thankfully it didn’t fall for our hour long session!) and it was worth it. One good thing about our recent ‘monsoon season’ in Delaware is that everything is GREEN. Bright, beautiful and blooming. I am not afraid to get wet and dirty during engagement sessions , and I enjoyed ‘sloshing’ around on my side of the ponds and creeks. Diana and Josh love the outdoors and I think the overall feel of the day worked really well for them. They did a great job of planning their session. They chose Valley Garden Park in Greenville because they used to enjoy long walks there together – it is one of their favorite local parks. Diana did a fabulous job coordinating a printed top that she looks great in with solids for Josh. They even gave thought to making the session more ‘earthy’ by going barefoot for part of it and Diana brought along a flower crown to wear as well.

This piece is a great example of all the things we want our clients to think through with the use of our engagement session guide. We’ve designed it to assist in planning and to really help clients have sessions that uniquely reflect them. 

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An Insiders Look at Ceremony Details (Liberty Mountain Resort)

A wedding day is full of emotion.  FULL of it!  That is, I think, something that makes my job such a privilege.  I have the opportunity to ‘freeze’ these wedding moments so that they can be remembered and treasured.  So much has been building up to the moment when a bride walks down the aisle with her groom waiting for her.  Usually months and months of planning, of course.  But there’s so much more than that.  Years and years of growing up, learning about relationships, meeting the right person, and gathering your closest friends and family members to celebrate with you. 

Jenn and Tyler’s ceremony was this past weekend.  So many sweet moments.  Love is a powerful emotion and sometimes the best way we know to express it is in tears, nervous laughter and awed silence.  Like when Jenn saw Tyler at the end of the aisle and Tyler smiled back.  And the sweet look that Jenn’s father gave her right before giving her away!  Time to pray together.  Laughter when trying to get that ring on his finger.  Near the end, Jenn and Tyler chose to do a sand ceremony to symbolize their ‘oneness’ as husband and wife.   Grandparents laid the foundation the night before by being the first to add sand to a personalized shadowbox.  Tyler’s parents and then Jenn’s parents each poured sand in during the ceremony.  The bride and groom finished up by putting their colors (gray, blue and white) on top.  (side note: a sand ceremony is a really great idea for an outdoor wedding in lieu of a unity candle!  Sometimes the wind is just too much for candles to stay lit!)  This was a beautiful representation of what was actually happening during their ceremony as they said ‘I do’ and became one.

Scroll through and enjoy the range of emotion from this outdoor ceremony at Liberty Mountain Resort.  Congrats, Jenn & Tyler!



A January Engagement: “Baseball, Puppy and Heat – Oh My!”


​Ok, maybe ‘heat’ is a bit of an exaggeration – but who would have expected it to be 55 degrees for this January engagement session?  We simply couldn’t have asked for a better day at the Wilmington Blue Rocks Stadium and the Dupont Environmental Education Center!  I had a great time with Paige and John, (and let’s not forget Griffy the pup!) – we certainly took advantage of the weather and our surroundings!  John has played at the Blue Rocks Stadium before, and having a special connection through Paige’s work, we were able to schedule some time there.  It was a blast having the stadium to ourselves!  

Not wanting all of their engagement images in the stadium, we did an extended engagement session and headed down to the DuPont Environmental Education Center.  Enter ‘Griffy.’  He is a 1 year old, very sweet and well behaved Doberman.  Being a puppy owner myself, I have a real soft spot for dogs.  Love them!  And Griffy did an SPECTACULAR job!  Look at how well he posed in these pics!  Can’t wait to photograph Paige and John’s wedding this Fall – it’s bound to be a fun day.