A Summer Newborn Session at Home in Delaware

I love summer.  LOVE IT.  These warm October days where we are hitting 80 (!!) are helping me to hold on a little longer.  In the spirit of not letting go, here are some samples from a nautical newborn shoot this July.  What a CUTIE!!  I love doing newborn sessions in the home.  It’s much easier on Mom and Dad.  They don’t have to rush out with a newborn carrying all of the gear that a newborn might need.  Plus, let’s face it – they are TIRED (and rightly so!).  A newborn session in the home allows them to have one less place to go.  And (probably most importantly) it allows for really personal photos unique to a particular family, because it takes place in their space.  I love it because they are all different – and I get to be creative within their particular location.  So, ‘ahoy maties’!  Here’s to summer days (and sleepless summer nights!) and this sweet little nugget.



A Newborn Session

We are getting ready to launch some newborn packages that we’ve devoloped and I’ve recently been collecting some more samples.  Here are a few of this beautiful, brand-new subject!  She was perfectly sleepy at the time AND I had some excellent help from her big brothers toting around equiptment and even setting up props during this portrait session!  What a sweet job I’ve been blessed with! 



Spring is Here!

Well, snow on the first day of Spring is kind of a bummer in my opinion!  I’m so thankful to have baby portraits of this cutie to work on editing today!  I dare you to look at these without saying ‘awwww!’