A Chesapeake Inn (MD) Wedding

Nov 1, 2017

Annie and Frankie had a beaufiul October wedding day.  Surrounded by family and friends, they said ‘I Do’ and had a great time celebrating!  One thing that made their day stand out to me was the traditional Chinese tea ceremony.  Before becoming man and wife, they took time to kneel before parents, grandparents, and other elders in their families to thank them for all that they’ve done in raising them.  I loved it – and I truly think it captures elements of respect and gratefulness that are often lost in our American culture.  Guests were also in for a treat during the reception – lion dancers from U.S. Jow GA Martial Arts came and put on a fantastic show!  I also appreciated that they took the time to explain what the lion dance symbolizes in Chinese culture – it was a great learning experience for this photographer and I’m sure for many others who were present!  Here is a little ‘sneak peek’ from Annie and Frankie’s day at The Chesapeake Inn! 



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