A Worsell Manor Wedding

Dec 1, 2017

Amanda and Joshua are such a sweet couple.  It was really fun to capture the excitement of their day at Worsell Manor.  This was my first  time at this beautiful historic venue in Warwick, Maryland.  Two things that really stood out to me from the day: 1) During the ceremony, the pastor had both sides of the family come up to pray for the couple.  I’ve never seen anyone do this before.  It was a really sweet and meaningful moment.  2) RAIN!  Near the end of the reception I walked outside to prepare for some night shots and I was kinda shocked to realize that it was raining.  That wasn’t in my forecast!  Rain can be a pretty exciting thing to nerdy photographers like me – it makes for some beautiful shots!  (Scroll through to the last one in this blog post to see what I mean!)



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