Venue Spotlight: A Worsell Manor Wedding

Sep 11, 2018

Over the next year, we will be writing a series of special blog posts featuring some of our favorite wedding venues in Delaware and Maryland. We are really excited to share what makes these places so unique. 

As we enter into Fall, I am reminded of a Fall wedding reception I photographed at Worsell Manor in Maryland, last year.  The property is gorgeous.  A bride’s dream.  A beautiful old Manor (built around 1690!!!) lays on a beautifully landscaped lawn in Warwick, MD (only a few miles from the Delaware border).  Amanda and Joshua’s wedding was in early November and by that point, the colors on the trees were just perfect.  The Manor is surrounded by fields and trees and boasts a big, white historic barn for receptions.

Scott and Barbara Millar bought the property in 2012.  At that point, Worsell Manor had been abandoned for 15 years. The property was so overgrown you could not see the house from the road.  The Millar’s were able to see past what WAS there – to what could be.  They began the hard work of restoring the Manor, restoring the barn, and cleaning up the grounds.  By 2014, Worsell Manor was home to its first wedding under the Millar’s management.

Recently I had the opportunity to chat with Scott (former Software Engineer for Air Traffic Control) about what it is like to host weddings on his property.

KATIE: Tell me a few things that make Worsell Manor a unique venue for weddings.

SCOTT: It’s really a combination of the house, grounds and barn.  We like to say the property has an upscale rustic feel to it. 

(Let me interrupt – I’ve already told you how beautiful the grounds are.  I also loved, LOVED shooting prep shots of the ladies in the Manor.  Every room is different.  You really have so many options.  We used one room to shoot the dress and some other details.  A couple other rooms were used for hair and makeup by the ladies.  We used a sitting room so that the bridesmaids could have a ‘first look’ at Amanda once she was in her gown, and of course, the staircase for a ‘first look’ with dad.)

SCOTT (continuing):  We also only book ONE wedding PER WEEKEND at Worsell Manor.  That way, our clients have the whole property to themselves.  We can house 23 people between the Manor and Cottage next door.  The family and bridal party can stay in one place which makes things so much easier.

There’s also a unique historic presence to our venue.  George Washington stayed at Worsell Manor on multiple occasions!  George Washington documented his visits in his diary which is now kept in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC.

KATIE:  What do you love most about hosting weddings on your property?

SCOTT:  One weekend a childhood friend of mine was visiting.  I toured him through Worsell Manor.  He looked around while I made sure that everything was running smoothly during a wedding reception.  He watched the faces of guests – smiling, laughing, having the time of their lives.  He said to me, “you know, your wedding is one of the most important days of your life – you provide a magical space for this most important day!” Having that opportunity and privilege – that’s pretty cool.

If you haven’t been to Worsell Manor – check it out!  Consider it as a spot for your wedding day or other big event – you won’t be sorry!  This venue has so much to offer – and Scott and Barbara are there to serve!   Contact our wedding photography studio to capture your day – see images below for the magic captured there last Fall!  (Photos by Aaron Hamrick and Katie Sica – copyright Creative Image Weddings)



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