A Fall Engagement Session Valley Garden Park

Oct 5, 2018

In a little over two months, Phill and Sarah will be man and wife.  Looking ahead to that day, we had a great time prepping for wedding photos during their engagement session this week.  As a wedding photographer, I look forward to engagement sessions for 3 main reasons.  First, (and likely most important!) it is a great time to get to know my clients.  It is always easier on the clients and the photographer to have spent fun, low-key time together before the wedding day.  Among other things, Phill, Sarah and I chatted about our dogs (always a favorite subject of mine!) what their individual jobs look like (and Phill jokingly asked what I do for a living, bahaha), what different things are still coming together for the wedding day, etc.  Getting to know each of my clients is really important to me – it allows me to serve them better (and with greater ease) on their wedding day.  Secondly, I use the engagement session for teaching.  During the session this week, we went over a few simple poses that I’ll use as a base on the wedding day.    Being in front of a camera makes people nervous.  My goal is to build the comfort level for clients.  Take a look – Phill and Sarah did a really amazing job!

 And oh!  The light and trees in the background of this one!  Love it!

Ok, third reason!  A couple is only engaged once and for a short period of time!  What a great time for a session – during the anticipation of a wedding.  I love having the opportunity to capture this time so that couples can treasure and remember it for years to come.  If you are looking for an engagement session, check out our portfolio and download our free Engagement Session Guide on this page.





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