Beach and Destination Weddings with Delaware Wedding Planner Kina Hamilton

Aug 15, 2019


Thanks for stopping by the blog today – I’ve got a treat for you!  

 I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Kina Hamilton (of Coordinating Dreams, LLC) to talk beach and destination weddings.  Kina and I met at a New Castle County Chamber of Commerce event at The Waterfall Banquet Center in Claymont, Delaware.   As soon as we met, I knew that she was someone that I could work with and relate to easily.   Kina has been a professional wedding planner for over 6 years and loves her job.  In her words, “the wedding day is such an important day, one a bride will remember for a lifetime.  To get to be a part of that moment is an amazing privilege.”  Guys, talking with her really makes me wish that everyone had a wedding planner – AND one who is on top of their game – she knows her stuff! 

It’s still summer, and though it seems to by flying by quickly, I wanted to pick Kina’s brain for some tips on planning beach weddings.  Funny enough, the very first wedding that she coordinated professionally was a destination beach wedding in Jamaica.  Read on for some tips from this lovely lady (and enjoy a few of our beach images from the years along the way)!

First, let’s talk ATTIRE:

Kina makes a great point that even though your wedding may be on a beach, it is still a formal event.  You don’t have to dress formally and be uncomfortable though!  Ladies, as you are dress shopping (both for a wedding gown AND for the bridesmaids) – look for something breathable and flowable (did we make that word up? it works perfectly so I am going with it).  Chiffon is a great choice.  Stay away from alot of satin!  It may be beautiful, but it’s also hot and sticky – especially on a humid day!

Delaware Beach Wedding Photographer

And for the guys?  Linen is a classic choice – much lighter and breathable than wool or polyester.  Cotton seersucker suits are also a great choice for warmer weather. 

Next, DECOR:

Kina suggests that first, you decide what kind of bride you are.  Following are 3 descriptive categories – where do you find yourself?

1) Toes in the sand bride – You are laid back.  “The beach is my backdrop – what else do I need?”  You want things to be simple, and that’s a huge part of why you chose a beach/destination wedding in the first place!  The venue is in a beautiful location and that’s enough.  They (the venue) can use whatever simple decor they provide.

Delaware Beach Wedding Photographer

2) Nontraditional bride – You are interested in a beach/destination wedding because it isn’t the traditional thing to do.  You want something unique, and because of that desire you want to invest some time picking out a bit of your own decor touches (maybe conch shells or lanterns, some meaningful centerpieces, etc.)

3) The ‘all in’ bride – you want it all!  An amazing experience for your guests (welcome bags, maybe a welcome party, and of course – a unique location).  Full beach canopy, aisle markers, fancy centerpieces.  You love all the touches of a traditional wedding, and are looking for that same experience, only you want it on beach.

Delaware Beach Wedding PhotographerDelaware Beach Wedding Photographer

(***side-note tip*** – if you are an ‘all-in’ bride and are doing a destination wedding – Kina says, “Ship it ALL!”  You can let your venue know you are sending things ahead of time.  Save yourself the headache of trying to pack everything into a billion suitcases that you need to lug around multiple airports, carry to your hotel, etc.)

Once you determine which of these categories describes you best, you can get started!  You’ve decided how involved you want to be in the process, and your wedding planner can help make sure that your decor is a reflection of you AND that it complements the space well.

Isn’t Kina great?  You can contact her here.


*Thank you for reading!  I’d love to photograph your next event.  Please visit some of my other blog posts and gallery – I’m looking forward to getting in touch!* 





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